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Just How Important Are Health And Wellness Programs?

Posted at 12:40h in Wellness, 2018, healthcare, benefits, HR, human resources .

Many companies have a Health and Wellness program as a cornerstone of their strategy to lower net healthcare costs and increase employee health and productivity. They believe, understandably, that...

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Wincline Appoints New Account Manager

Posted at 07:48h in

PHOENIX, AZ (July 10, 2018) – Wincline, an industry leading employee benefits advisory firm dedicated to changing the way employers purchase healthcare, today announced Lauren Edwards as a newly...

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Out Of The Law Firm, Into The Advisory World

Posted at 07:49h in ERISA .

I didn’t go to school to be an advisor. Nor did I ever suppose I’d be immersed into the complicated world of employee benefits. In fact, for almost five years, I practiced law as a civil litigator

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Your Checklist of What to Ask of an Employee Benefits Broker or Advisor

Posted at 04:35h in healthcare, benefits .

Seeking out an employee benefits broker or advisor is a challenging, even daunting, process. As a CEO, CFO, or HR Executive, you’re charged with a fiduciary duty to manage your employees’ health...

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The Liability Most Employers are Blind to: Fiduciary

Posted at 03:02h in Compliance, ERISA, DOL .

The year is 1974. The day is gloomy. Amidst a worldwide inflation crisis and a deepening recession, public concerns of private pension plan funds being mismanaged and abused continue to grow.

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Have 2018 Health Plan Price Increase Sticker Shock?

Posted at 08:35h in 2018, premiums, ERISA, healthcare, Sarbanes-Oxley law .

"For self-funded employers, the new year always brings the January sticker shock of ever larger monthly health plan premiums. It feels like what you pay for healthcare is totally out of your...

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Arthritis Drugs Show How U.S. Drug Prices Defy Economics

Posted at 07:31h in

"Renda Bower knows well the cost of drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis – her husband, son and daughter all have the painful, disabling autoimmune disease. And the family’s finances revolve around...

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Critical Cyber Exploits Affect Nearly All Computers

Posted at 06:00h in Security Breach .

Cyber security researchers recently announced the discovery of two major security flaws that could allow hackers to bypass regular security measures and obtain normally inaccessible data.

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Health Concerns Following a Hurricane or Flood

Posted at 03:08h in Wellness .

A natural disaster can be one of the most devastating events in a person’s lifetime. Families can be uprooted and entire neighborhoods can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. If you ever have to...

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Kaiser Family Foundation Compares Proposals to Replace The Affordable Care Act

Posted at 09:20h in Benefits Scoop .

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a comparison of several replacement proposals.

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